Thursday, February 24, 2005

Still alive, catching up soon ...

Wow, this seems like forever. It was really long ago since I took time to post on the blog. The biggest reason was as simple as it could be: no unlimited internet access @home. Today, finally this changed and if you ever consider a telco-telco ADSL migration: "don't try this at home". It was absolutely impossible to figure out what happened where and when.

I will catch up soon. In the mean time, I will consider a shift of focus. Maybe e-democracy doesn't quiete cover the whole spectrum that I'm interested in. Plenty of interesting things in live ahead at the moment.

A funny thing happened last month. I was contacted by a few students, currently doing their bachelor's degree at the University of Rotterdam. They are writing a thesis about the Feyenoord Football Academy in Fetteh. They contacted my because they found my article on the net that I wrote about it, long time ago. Never guessed it was going to be that helpfull to anybody. They interviewed me for an hour, as part of their research.

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