Monday, July 12, 2004


The BBC website reports about the battle that providers of free e-mail service are fighting right now.

Earlier, I wrote about my gmail experience but it now looks as if there is not any longer the need to be invited to use gmail. Other services have sprung up as a reaction to gmail. Below is a wrap-up of the most relevant outcome of the 'battle for the inbox' so far. The final decision in this battle will be in the hands of the free market.

Gmail - 1GB storage, 10MB attachments
Hotmail Plus - $19.95 per year, 2GB storage, 20MB attachments
Hotmail free - 250MB storage, 10MB attachments **
Yahoo Mail Plus - £11.99, 2GB storage, 10MB attachments
Yahoo Free - 100MB of storage, 10MB attachments
Lycos UK Personal - £41.88 per year, 1GB storage, 50MB attachments
Lycos UK - free, 10MB storage
Spymac - free, 1GB storage
Ask Jeeves - free, 250MB storage
Ask Jeeves Excite Gold - $19.99 per year, 2GB storage
Shiremail - £42 per year, 1GB storage
** As a regular hotmail user I have not noticed anything about these plans yet

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