Monday, March 22, 2004

More on Internet vs Journalism

On his journalistic website, Christopher Lydon does radio interviews on the Internet using an MP3 recorder, a couple of headphones. He's proving that the principles of weblogs apply to radio as well has print publishing.

Lydon was a news host on Boston public television, a reporter for the New York Times, and candidate for mayor of Boston. He's a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School.

In a recent interview with Paul Krugman, a New York Times columnist, he said:

"There's a lot of plain-spoken (...) wisdom to be had--free--on the Web every day, more than in the press."

[Krugman] persisted that the bloggers aren't newspapers, don't have the resources to do original reporting, are "just concerned individuals." The main value of the Internet, he argued, is the quick access to the international press.

Lydon: "You can see on the Web the instinct to do what the press doesn't do anymore, which is to say: Mr. President, you're bare-ass naked. Your numbers don't add up. That's an important service of journalism, too."

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