Monday, May 24, 2004

(Mis)use of 'sound science'

I came accross this interesting article about the definition of sound science. It is writen by Chris Moonie, who is writing a book about the crisis of science politicization in American life.

Denunciations of President Bush's science policies by (...) the Union of Concerned Scientists, followed by a sweeping rejection of the scientists' charges by the administration, have made for great political theater. But the controversy has also shown that on issues ranging from mercury pollution to global warming, today's political conservatives have an extremely peculiar – and decidedly non-mainstream – concept of what science says and how to reach scientific conclusions. Conservatives and the Bush administration claim to be staunch defenders of science, of course; but close attention to the very language they use suggests otherwise. (...)

A short history of the phrase "sound science," and its development into a mantra of the political right, clearly demonstrates its anti-regulatory, pro-industry slant.

You can read the whole article here.

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World football governing body Fifa punishes team for wearing wrong shirt, but backs down

One of the worlds LEAST democratic organisation, Fifa, punished Cameroon with 6 points deduction for their next World Cup qualifying mission. This decision implied Cameroon's appearance on the field in Germany was going to be next to impossible. At the website that collects votes to put Fifa under pressure it was announced that Cameroon is no longer punished.

Of course nobody can prove the website made a difference, it feels good to have justice after all...

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