Friday, January 30, 2004

About this blog

Today, i have started my own weblog. It might be something that I use, it might not. I can only know if I try, can't I?

I have not yet decided what use it could have, but amongst other things, it will be a reference for future activities for myself. I will start with notifying some of my friends about this blog. Most of them are Dutch, but I have the feeling that some international imput might be worth the troubles of writing in English.

I will start by bringing content on e-democracy, since that is where I did some research lately. But I have understood that weblogs are all about dynamics, so I'll be waiting for a response or two and see where it is leading. A few issues that are already bugging me:
1. What language should I choose? My native Dutch or the internationally more accepted English?
2. Who do I invite to come and look at it?

Anyway, it is all a try....and I will be back every now and then.

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