Monday, March 08, 2004

A European Who is Who in E-democracy

Last month, on February 12 a seminar took place in Brussels on e-democracy. If you would like to drown yourself in the documents that surrounded the conference just visit the website here. A small start in the search for the European decision makers could be made by looking at the speakers of the meeting.

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Amsterdam local government uses new techniques

The city of Amsterdam uses video techniques in the political debate. The site indicates a number of citizens who have taken up an issue or who reacted to current discussions. The site, unfortunatly does not show what is happening to the messages after they are recorded. It allows you to 'take part' but what that means in terms of political strenght remains to be discovered.

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"Internet use not good for democracy"

A strong opinion on the current use of internet is voiced by prof. Cass R. Sunstein.

Democracy, Sunstein argues, depends on shared experiences and requires citizens to be exposed to topics and ideas that they would not have chosen in advance. Newspapers and broadcasters helped create a shared culture, but as their role diminishes and the customization of our communications universe increases, society is in danger of fragmenting, shared communities in danger of dissolving. In their place will arise only louder and ever more extreme echoes of our own voices, our own opinions. He is working on various projects involving the relationship between law and human behavior and has put his views in the book Democracy.com

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Research results on the use of internet for political information

From a recent research it shows that television and printed media are still the most important for political news and information, but the importance of the internet is growing rapidly. Fully 45% of those online (i.e., 31% of all adults) say that they rely on it for information about politics, political issues and elections. These results come from Harris Interactive and are about the USA.

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